About Us

Platinum Sports Tours is a small independently owned and run tour operator with a vast of experience in Sports Tourism.

The Directors of the company are very knowledgeable in the subject and have been doing business for over thirty years. Our team are also well versed in the sports field and have a combined experience of over 60 years.

D on Gooding the architect of the sports tourism programme has pioneered many projects in the Caribbean and continues to be innovative in his outlook and has the ability to bring countless programmes to fruition.

Some of these have lasted in excess of 25 years. The directors of the company hail from the Caribbean but lived in the UK for a along time.

We are passionate about sport and are responsible for starting the Sir Garfield Sobers Schools Tournament in 1986 when we took 20 cricket coaches from the UK to Barbados and from that evolved the tournament. We are also the founder of the Sir Garry Sobers Masters which takes place every two years in October. Our newest programme is the Charlie Griffith Prep School tournament which is a T20 for under thirteen’s with coaching including and take place in July annually.

Call 020 8932 4565 or email don@platinumsportstours.co.uk for more information.

The directors are widely travelled and are well connected, Their ability to conceptualize and bring things to fruition is unrivalled, careful attention is paid to detail and all tours are escorted.

Let Platinum Sports Tours take you on your next sporting tour!